Discover, Design, Develop & ScaleOur team is prepared to tackle every aspect of your app project.
UX & Design
It looks good, it feels good.
Building something meaningful and modern is not about making it look pretty only but translating the client's business ideas into interfaces that users will intuitively use and have a good time.
UX DesignUX (User Experience) is how a user feels when interfacing an app. A great UX Design is critical to make your customers use your app with ease, enjoying it and fulfilling their needs.
User TestingEarly testing saves money and prevents unnecessary design changes by running the designs with customers.
Design SprintA focused, five-day process to quickly gather insights on your users, prototype ideas, and validate them
A masterpiece, handcrafted.
At Divisio, we have some of the best development talents in the business building apps. Our team is guaranteed to have the solution you need with experience delivering everything from iOS and Android apps to complex web-app and dashboards.
Web App DevelopmentWe build modern web applications of all shapes and sizes using the latest technologies.
Mobile App DevelopmentOur unique mobile app development process allows us to build cross-platform apps at a fraction of the cost quickly.
ConsultancyOur team helps you put together your ideas and building a solid plan to make them from the bottom up - covering all aspects.
Project Rescue & Code ReviewOur team review your project code throughly and find a viable solution to its problems.
Quality Assurance
Sleep tight.
We build automated tests to amplify the impact that QA has on the project delivery. Well-written tests are worth the entire project lifecycle and reduce costs.
Manual Testing End-to-end Automated TestPerformance Testing
Our Stack
We've delivered dozens of production-ready web and mobile apps over the past 10 years. As a result, our team has gained hands-on experience with a wide range of cutting-edge technologies.
FRAMEWORKS Node.js,Next.js,Gatsby
LIBRARIES React Native,React.js,Formik,Redux
DATA GraphQL,Apollo
Let's work together
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